Thursday, 16 May 2013

Videos from the vault, aka. More Project stuff!
A Test Sequence to get to grips with After Effects, a program I had no previous experience in
Lightwrap testing, to make the scene somewhat more believable!
This video was what was going to be in the sequence originally, but issues with masking forced me to drop it.  Element 3D would have been a massive help here, but it doesn't run on my laptop, due to my graphics card.
This is the hoverboard section from the final piece, but uncompressed for your viewing pleasure!
My love of Flash is well documented. Using my lady-love, Flash CS6, I made an 80s inspired intro scene. Philip Baggott, , would later edit it further in After Effects, creating individual scene intros as seen in the final piece.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Linking to my Youtube account isn't working for some reason, so I've had to just put a link up.

Project extra files.

Stuff that I sadly didn't have to hand for my presentation.
The image I used for the deck graphic. A drawing of War Of The Monsters (PS2) characters Kongar and Ultra V. This was one of my first attempts at Photoshop.
A rough Storyboard of my video section. The talking about the materials used in the making of the board was eventually dropped due to the footage used. Compositing the board with the footage did not work well. Masking issues for my Roto work, and Element issues on the laptop.

The actual photo of The Berrics skatepark 
My render of it

An alternate angle of the stairs. This view shows the waxing well.

A third view. This was unused for any film renders, just for checking textures.

A Black plastic texture that was used on the Hoverboard.

Griptape Bump map

Griptape texture

Brushed steel, used on the Gravity panels

My first attempt at a Specular Map. When I used it, there wasn't much texture to it, so I went back to Photoshop and made...

... This one! This is the map you see in the final piece/renders

Thursday, 9 May 2013

VIDEO: Hoverboard- Grinding the rail

A video for the Final Piece - When Leeds Met Sport.
Focusing on Hoverboarding, I put this together on After Effects. Sadly, my Graphics card on the Laptop doesn't support Element 3D, or I'd have imported and textured the Hoverboard in AE. Instead, I had to try and match the video piece to the model in 3Ds Max (in the same way I did the M4 test a while back). I recorded the Sound Effects myself, using my skateboard on an old washing pole for the grinding, then recording the hum of the Fridge/Freezer, for the plasma/hover pads. I used Adobe Audition to edit the sound files, effects I used were Flanger/Chorus, Distortion, Manual Pitch Correction, Gain.

Bringing the files together in After Effects was a big relief. I'm a step closer to finishing this project. Thank fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu