Sunday, 25 November 2012

Concept environment

My environment is city based, as a rough guide, I took this image of Wall Street I found on Wikipedia,

Put it into Photoshop and began editing it down into something that looks more dark, foreboding and hostile. I came up with this.
I left a few people in to populate the scene, mostly Police/Law Enforcement, as I felt it was in keeping with the animation idea.
I used the burn tool to draw out the Highlights, Shadows and Mid Tones, then applied a Film Grain filter over the top, to add to the dirty look and rain slick feel, letting lighter areas show on the road for that rain/puddle effect.

Photoshop isn't my program of choice, but I wanted to give it a go here.
More along the lines of environments will be the Compounds that Van Laaq run most of their business through, training agents, building weapons, that kind of thing.

Digital Concepts for tank

Using Photoshop (Not a clue on how to use it, mind), I put together some concepts for the tank.
I started with a grey/black version. From there, I added a new layer and added colour over the top.

An early test was Red, as shown here. 

Taking a cue from Portal (Valve), I made a "Jungle King" version. Just a bit of fun ;)
I opted for a green tank, reminiscent of the army. I referred to this as "Starbug" whilst making it, as it reminded me of the Starbug from BBC's Red Dwarf. I added muzzle flares to the gun arm to add a bit of action!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Cyberpunk clothes.

For my female character's clothes, I am looking to have clothes that would be practical for her role in the team, being heavily Espionage, her outfit must allow her to blend into crowds, so as not to draw attention to herself, or to help in her escape, should her mission go wrong.

(Deviant Art,
Very ninja in appearance, the loose clothing would allow good maneuverability, but could possibly make her stand out from the crowd, with the ample amounts of flesh showing, (Or perhaps not, what with the stereotypical Geordie women, and the film being set int he North East of England)

Roleplay Gateway/Deviant Art

With the same drawback as the previous outfit, standing out from the crowd is a big problem, but the cybernetic arm looks good for my asset ideas of interchangeable arms/weapons.


Cyberpunk goggles, they look awesome, but with my character not actually wearing any (in my initial design), I thought that maybe the bionic eye, rather than looking like a camera shutter, could look like the lens from the goggles. The dual shuttered look is definitely something I will bear in mind as it almost looks like part of microchips.

Deviant Art.
 Okay, this is just outstanding. Taking the rebellious "Hoody" look, mixing it with a ninja feel and the hushed tones of the background with the bold colours contrast by the character (I'm totally pretentious,...), makes it look and feel cyberpunk, despite not having any cybernetic/futuristic elements. I like this.

Missing Light (Blog)

Possible alt. clothes design. The jacket/hood could work as a nice disguise depending on what area she must work in, think Assassin's Creed blending among scholars. (example below)


Pop Screen

Gothic style boots lend perfectly to Cyberpunk. The steel and leather/rubber give well to the hard wearing agent look.

Dirty Lynx
Dirty Lynx is a fashion website for the online social network, Second Life. When I saw this, I thought it could make for an interesting alternative to a Combat Vest.

Grizzly Mike

A crossdraw combat vest. The pistol holster is on the front of the vest, rather than on the leg, which is for ease of grabbing and drawing the sidearm.
Mixing this with the Dirty Lynx vest could make for an interesting conversion.

Combat Sport Supply
A few different coloured holsters. The bottom right image shows the rear of the holster. The Velcro stripping means that it is meant to be attached to a combat vest via the Molle Webbing

This video from Youtube shows how to attach items to Molle Webbing. It's a system used by the Army, Airsoft and Paintball to name but a few. It allows for customization of vests, to suit the wearer.
(Watch from 00:15)

Life and Liberty gear
This holster  has additional webbing to allow more packs to be fitted to it. In the image it has a pocket for handgun magazines

This holster also has straps for magazines.


A female trench coat, by changing the horrible tartan pattern to white or grey, this could be an interesting coat choice for the character.

Whilst looking for Cyberpunk Trench Coats, this came up. With the character being grounded in Espionage/hacking, I felt this could make for a good accessory for her.
This also has me thinking of the Pip-Boy from the Fallout game series.
Deviant Art
A real world example of the PipBoy 3000.

Spider Mech, Drone/Tank

A walk cycle for the Spider Mech Drone/Tank. I edited the preset walk cycle to make it appear more robotic and add weight.

The same mech as above. this time using it's front legs as guns. Note the two legs used to balance/stabilize the mech as it fires, much in the same way a JCB (or any other branded heavy lifting vehicle) would.