Saturday, 15 June 2013

Upcoming project!

Hey guys! Just before the end of my first year, I bought a new camera! A Nikon D5200. I was planning on doing a video editing project, as I quite enjoyed that side of things in Semester 2. But my part time job has offered me full time hours over the summer! A necessary evil, I'm afraid! Make more money, buy more toys for animation/modelling/visual effects.
Also, a new addition to Chris McEwan Animation arrived a couple weeks ago. It's not (quite) a Seagull, but it's still an awesome companion. And a one we will all get to know quite well!

Meet Tippy!

I've taken these videos of her just doing her thing with the intention to rotoscope her in Flash, going further, possibly do a 3D render of her.

I'll be doing this when I'm up North, visiting family for four days.

Tippy #1

Tippy #2
Tippy #3

I really do love Rotoscope. It's a technique I've used for years, heavily influenced by a-ha's Take On Me music video.

And a to lesser extent, this, which I just found on Youtube
A My Little Pony version