Monday, 21 July 2014

CMANIM Video Effects

The image for Jack Rollins

The original photo. The light is produced from a Daylight bulb.

Author Jack Rollins asked me to make a cover for his upcoming book, Seance.
Combining techniques from Photoshop with what I can do in AfterEffects, I put together this little video. To take this further, I would be using better lighting and a better screen to key on.
It was simply Keylight, a couple masks on the sides, colour correction to Black and White, then change the levels., similar to how I did in Photoshop.

This was the original video that I used. I used a Daylight Bulb underneath my face to make my features stand out better when it came to changing the levels.

The reason I wanted to test this out is to try some new branding, something that really sticks in your mind. I'll be looking at other things, too. But this one was inspired by what I did for Jack Rollins, which in itself was inspired by Snow White's Magic Mirror.

I wanted to go for something quite creepy, similar to animator Rob Yulfo, who uses a photo of himself as a child, with altered levels, making it look creepy as all hell. It really sticks in your head (and haunts the hell out of you)

I'll try a bunch of different things and see what feels right.