Thursday, 24 November 2011

Drawing and news.

I drew this today! It's of Mike, Jess and Me. Modelled from a photo we took yesterday when we went to see Jess while she was up from Plymouth. Thought it was a really good photo of the three of us and a great excuse to draw in an anime style (or practice, anyway.)
Really happy with how it turned out, but since I don't have a scanner, getting a good copy of it can be quite tricky...
But this will be making it's way into my Portfolio. And speaking of Portfolios, I've been working a bit more on the Storyboard I've been making. I think I'll do a test animation of it soon, so I've got two versions of what I'll be making for a final piece.

Keep it locked right here, people!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Photoshop and Flash

Drawn by hand, inked on Photoshop, coloured in Flash, edited on Photoshop. Congar and UltraV from War Of The Monsters(PS2)

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Made a start on some Storyboarding. I quite enjoy doing storyboards, and I prefer it to script writing, in terms of getting my ideas down. It will also help me for creating a portfolio.
The storyboard is for It Takes A Town, beginning with someone driving into Calkwin, the setting of the series.

Keep it locked for news and updates.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Right, so I've been messing around on Photoshop, seeing what I can do on it, and I came up with this! A sweet little title card featuring the skyline of the infamous Upper Barresdale of Alnwick. The place that started this whole endeavour!

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's been a while... Again...

Okay, it's been a while since I've done ANYTHING, but it's seriously not my fault, okay? It's EA and Dice's fault. Damn Battlefield 3.

Just had a look in one of my old notebooks for some old Flash stuff from over the years. I remembered that I made a list of sketch ideas. Most of it, well, practically all of it, was senseless tat. I suppose "Waiting For a Bus" and "Shagging on Facebook" would be funny if I wrote something with it, telling me what the actual joke is...
But there are a couple classics, like "Watching You Sleep" and "Bono Gets Vertigo" (Note, I hate U2 with a passion) which will find their way into circulation. It got me thinking about more of my old things. Like the Barresdale cartoons (The first of which is linked in a previous post) which was one of my more popular cartoons (in fact, I'd say the most popular) from the Alnwick North days.
I was thinking that taking it and the idea of a 7 day series of the residents of "Barresdale", but focusing more on recognisable characters more than just swearing for the sake of it. The moody charva, the unpredictable drunk, the game obsessed geek, and placing them in a world that never leaves the town of {Insert Obscure Name Reference Here}. Coming from a small town myself, I know how the inbred underbelly (No offen-Ahh fuck it. My old stuff insulted more than half the people who loved it...) of society think. The town is a bubble that they will never leave. Even by me making an animation about a small town, I'd be using my experiences of growing up in Alnwick as a base, so I've never left it either, in a way. Funny how the place I hate ends up being the setting for something I love, really.
What I was thinking of doing was having these characters tell their story through a series of sketches, some that interlink, some that don't. Some surreal and totally off the wall, but happening along side the sketch prior to it, and following. Everything is happening in the same universe, but at the same time, separate. Like, one sketch might have zombies mauling the town and Bob gets killed by Ben. But in the next sketch, Bob's sat in the pub flirting with the barmaid and Ben's in the back, on the bandit.
Going to get to work on it. Syndicate is going to have to wait.
When I first started animating, I had a really shoddy style, but my jokes had people in stitches. I then began to upgrade my style. Making things look better, add detail. But that led to more difficult animation, which made me do basic animations for lesser jokes.
Now I have the skill to make good looking stuff and decent animation to boot. Plus my warped sense of humour. Now THAT'S a winning combination.

Keep it locked on here, guys! I'll get a Website one day, too.