Thursday, 28 February 2013

Helicopter quick concept

Trying to nail down what to do for the project, I mocked this us using an Apache from the Military Micro Machines range.

Proof of concept

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Lighting a scene

 A scene needs lit. Using 3 lights, I set this scene. (Only two in the first pic), the second has the spotlight shining down on the apple, highlighting the top curves better.
                       Using the same lights, I added the old duck!
 The Fill Light Only, followed by the Main Light
The Spotlight only, showing just what it picks up

Uni Work

It's been a fair old time since I've updated, and for that I apologise. There have been a few things happening which have prevented me from efficiently getting this done, but that's a story for another day...

So here goes!
Wineglass with Omni Light

Turning the shadows on

The shadow cast does not match that of glass..
So I turned on Ray Trace. It takes longer to Render, but gives the correct shadow

Light tint Green

Light Intensity changed to 0.1







Spot Light

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Special Effects stuff

For the final piece for Semester 2, another idea is along the lines of Chronicle (2012), superpowers and people using them, showing them off to friends and all that.
To get the most from the effects, the idea of a Trailer could be used, this would allow for a loose story to be used, but also allow a mash of effects to be done without interrupting the flow of the film.
Chronicle HD Trailer
"Pulse" short film
Behind the scenes of "Pulse" 1-3
Behind the scenes of "Pulse" 2-3
Behind the scenes of "Pulse" 3-3
Visual Effects in After Effects - VidMuze (Same people who did Pulse"
Add vehicles into shots (Doesn't just have to be helicopters)

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

3D Modelling - Female

Creating the lips is both infuriating and time consuming. Especially on this character. One of the focal points are her lips, getting them correct was a bit of a bitch. Mainly because of the Polygon count on the head shape. I should have used less, slightly bigger. On the above shot, you can see a bizarre shape in her face. It's the internal of the mouth. This would only be used if you were animating the character talking, so you could place a tongue.

Profile view of the lips

Front view of the lips.

Next step is joining the lips with the eyes, creating the cheeks, then onto the nose.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Standard and Extended Primitives

Leaving the 3D model behind for a moment, last week, we worked on (not just making a vase/bowl) standard and extended primitives, shapes that can be rendered and used to create a variety of other things!
In the first semester project, I used them to create the rear chamber on the Spider Mech and on the gun for the human model.

Extended Primitives

Standard Primitives (inc. the Teapot!)

3D Modelling - Female

Further modelling of the Female character - The basic shape of the skull is created, again using Planes (shaped in the Profile view).The gap between the eye and the nose is filled using the "Bridge" tool, then adding any extra sections required (You want the same amount of sections joining each bridge, welding vertices if need be). Adjusting to give the desired shape/curve from the eye to the nose.

Profile shot showing eye and nose joining together.

Front view showing the same join as the profile.

From here, I will be creating more of the face, starting with the lips.

3D Modelling - Female

Following a tutorial I have, I am making a Female model in 3Ds Max.
So far, I've made an eye socket based on two images (Front and Profile, supplied with the tutorial)
Above is the front view. Using the front view displayed on a Plane, I was able to make the shape of the eye (Also using Planes, set as a Modifiable Poly, editing their vertices).
The profile view was used to get the depth of the eye, lining up to make the cheek and nose. The sphere was used to gauge the shape of the eye, to construct the eyelids.

This image shows both the Front and Profile planes with the eye suspended between.

I am continuing to work on the model and hope to be able to animate it when I'm finished. From there, I'd like to make other models and have them interact (Similar to the Weekly Tasks from Semester 01 with the Dee character)

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Semester 2 Film project - Fat Man

A few videos to bear in mind for the project;
Fallout Fan Fic
Fallout Fan Fic
Resi- Op Raccon trailers
Fallout Intros
James Graham in the future?!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Another piece I did today!

Felt like a boss when I made this, although it's really simple, it looks pretty cool.

To start with, I placed text, then added a couple tools. I used the Bend tool and the Melt tool. Key framing them to create this simple effect;

3D Lathe Tool

Using the Splines in 3DsMax, I made cross section of a bowl. I "welded" the open section to make the inside smoother. I also used the Melt tool to flatten the bowl to the ground. Using the text tool, I simply typed "Rover", because I lack creativity in the name department.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

University's back!

So, over the past couple months, I've been back home in Alnwick for Christmas and New Year, then started a new job when I came back!
But now University's back on, so expect some updates over the next couple days!

This semester is going to be on Video Editing and the likes. It's a group project, so there's going to be some pretty cool stuff over the next 14 weeks.

Keep it locked right here!